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Salesforce Profiles

At the heart of all Salesforce implementations are the Salesforce licenses purchased and paid for on a monthly per user basis.  There are many different types of Salesforce license.  For example, there are licenses for external self-service users, internal full CRM users, just Salesforce chatter users and so on.  Each license provides access to its own specific set of Salesforce features and functions.  The primary route for users to access the features of a Salesforce license is through a profile. Users are not directly allocated a Salesforce user license rather the license is assigned via a profile. Salesforce comes with a series of pre-defined profiles that can be reviewed to understand the key features made available.  Some examples of the user profiles include: System administrator, this profile allows the user to set-up, customise and configure Salesforce.  In particular this profile includes the “View All Data” permission which overrides whatever data sharing rules are in place for an organisation and the “Modify All Data” permission which allows the user to edit and delete any record. Use with caution! Marketing user, provides the user with access to the marketing features of the Saleforce CRM including campaigns, email set-up and sales leads Standard User, provides access to the typical Salesforce CRM aspects and reporting Although these standard “out-the-box” profiles can be assigned to users, this is not best practice as they are locked-down in areas and subject to update when Salesforce release new versions. It is better to define a small set of profiles specific to an organisation’s needs. They are created by using one of the standard profiles as a template and adjusting...